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Do you offer short courses online? You should.

Get started in less than 30 days.

EmergingEd provides the tools you need to quickly build and sell high-quality short courses online.
Did you know that 2 out of 3 learners are seeking faster, lower-cost alternatives to traditional degrees?
EmergingEd offers a comprehensive set of easy-to-use tools that enable universities to stand up and grow a portfolio of online short courses that put the needs of today's learners first. With our turnkey solution, you can quickly build dynamic and engaging courses, offer them through a securely managed eCommerce platform and provide students with powerful, portable digital badges.

With EmergingEd, everyone benefits.
  • Access the growing short course market quickly, with powerful tools
  • Get up and running fast with our high-quality, off-the-shelf solution and turnkey approach
  • Generate a new revenue stream and retain more of the upside through our inexpensive pricing
  • Deliver a great learner experience from registration through course completion—with our our purpose-built solution for short courses
  • Build and sell your courses without major time or resource investments using our sophisticated platform
  • Simplify course creation for your faculty by providing our easy-to-use tools that deliver an engaging, interactive user experience and best practices from our expert instructional designers
  • Showcase your expertise by quickly building and offering courses to a global audience
  • Deliver an engaging and content-rich experience by using professionally designed templates
  • Leverage existing course content and digital assets to speed up the launch of new programs
  • Create high-quality, interactive courses without the need for advanced technical skills like coding with our easy-to-use tools
  • Simplify and streamline the course development process with EmergingEd’s frameworks, custom layouts, placeholder content and pre-populated instructions
  • Utilize course building best practices and access training from our expert instructional designers
  • Foster great engagement first with a high-quality, end-to-end experience from registration to course completion
  • Re-engage alumni and support lifelong learning by offering online short courses that meet your alumni’s changing needs
  • Simplify the registration process with a secure, state-of-the-art eCommerce platform that offers multiple electronic payment options at checkout
  • Promote skill mastery through dynamic, high-quality courses that provide multiple ways to engage with and practice using the content
  • Make it easy for students to enroll and complete courses by enabling access at any time, with 24/7 technology support included
  • Keep students on track with our enhanced navigation tools in each course to quickly see progress and upcoming assignments

Leverage EmergingEd to grow revenue.


Learners are increasingly seeking high-quality alternatives to traditional degrees. Universities that respond to that demand by offering short courses have an opportunity to build a powerful new revenue stream. EmergingEd’s solutions let you easily and quickly expand your short course, upskilling and lifelong learning offerings to increase enrollments and quickly enter this growing market.

Launch a portfolio of short courses in weeks, not months.

With EmergingEd, you can begin building courses immediately and rapidly deploy them to a global audience without sacrificing quality or getting bogged down in complex technology. Our sophisticated solution offers tools and support to quickly build engaging courses, and provides a seamless, easy-to-use end-user experience, from registration through course completion.

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Customized Course Frameworks

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eCommerce Platform

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Digital Badging

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